Monday, 3 July 2017

Legato II The Total Scar Solution


Legato II is a medical aesthetic workstation dedicated to Alma Lasers’ iTED procedure for effective trans-epidermal delivery. Combining micro-plasma fractional ablation with acoustic pressure from the IMPACT module, the Legato II offers enhanced results and reduced patient downtime for a variety of hard to treat symptoms, in particular scars and stretch marks.
Micro-plasma is a fractional ablative technology unique to Alma Lasers that effects the Nitrogen ions present in the air, creating a controlled spark that penetrates the skin surface  and leaves a crater up to several hundred microns deep surrounded by thermal damage. 

With micro-plasma, it is possible to obtain unprecedented treatment control via an array of micro-plasma tips, as well as the ability to control the strength of the plasma spark without changing the power settings.

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